Types of Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Carpet cleaning equipment doesn’t just include the heavy machines that help you get the job done; it includes everything in the carpet cleaning industry, commercially and residentially. This includes equipment that is portable like a steam carpet cleaner or something that isn’t so easy to move around like truck mounted cleaning equipment. Portable needless to say is more relevant to home usage while truck mounted gear is suited more for industrial sized jobs. This equipment is too massive and resides in a truck or van or some other mobile transport.

Truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment has long hoses that can penetrate deep into a business from the truck that houses the cleaning machine. The truck itself acts like a generator to power the equipment. It’s a heavy duty no joke type of equipment that can be very dangerous to use for someone who doesn’t know what they are doing as it uses pounds per square inch in water pressure to clean carpets and floors.

The residential equipment uses heat and water to break up the stains. It’s a steam carpet cleaner of sorts. The brushes agitate the stain and then the cleaning machine blasts the carpet with hot water to break up the stain and the heat dries the carpet afterwards. It’s not for heavy industrial use and is more appropriate for light stains associated with home spills. A downside of this type of equipment is that the heat isn’t sufficient to thoroughly dry the carpet so it may take a few days to dry. This can create mold issues.

With portable equipment it can still be heavy enough that it can take a truck or van to deliver it but is often self-propelled. This kind of portable carpet cleaning equipment is used exclusively in industrial settings, mostly by janitors or a professional carpet cleaning company.

Carpet Cleaning Equipment – Keep Your Home Spotless

Carpet cleaning equipment can be found in both commercial and residential applications. In each situation you can find this type of equipment. Largely in the industrial sector this equipment is large and cumbersome in the commercial realm the equipment is typically portable.

In each case the equipment can be utilized to clean carpets. In each case there are several of the components that will be found in each, the size is where the difference will lie.

Electrical Plug

Each machine will have a power cord that will require an electrical source to plug into. This will give the machine the energy that it needs to perform.


In both commercial and residential applications the equipment will have a couple of hoses. One that goes to the water tank or reservoir and one that goes to the waste tank. There will also be a hose that will go from the waste tank to the hand held suction device.

The hoses are a very important part of the carpet cleaning equipment; they provide the vessel for the water that will clean the carpet in and out of the main machine.

Water Reservoir

Each type of equipment will have a water reservoir where both water and cleaning fluid will be placed to clean the carpet. The size of the reservoir varies if it is commercial piece equipment than the size of the reservoir will be larger than if it is a residential piece of equipment.


Each of these types of equipment will have a motor that will act as a pump for the commercial type the motor will be rather large for the residential type the motor will usually be contained in an upright machine.

How Does It Work

In both commercial and residential carpet cleaning equipment the motor will act as a pump, there will be a spray device that will spray the water and the cleaning solution onto the carpet than the suction action will suck the water out of the carpet. This constant spraying and sucking forces that solution into the carpet there is usually a brush mechanism attached to the hand held part of the carpet cleaning equipment, the brush vibrates and scrubs the carpet as the water and cleaning solution goes deep into the carpet loosening the dirt. All of this occurs simultaneously to clean the carpet.

Carpet cleaning equipment is the best way to keep your carpet clean which will extend the life of your carpet. You can choose to use a professional carpet cleaning service that will bring the equipment to your home or you can purchase your own carpet cleaning equipment.

Features To Look For In Carpet Cleaning Equipment

In order to find carpet cleaning equipment that’s right for your business, it may be useful to focus on the core features that drive the functionality of these machines.

– Waste Tank Sizes

Truck mount carpet cleaning equipment is designed to deal with some of the most difficult cleaning jobs. Contractors are able to use these machines to tackle cleaning jobs at industrial facilities and on commercial premises. Most machines will have a waste tank, which collects debris during the cleaning process. A larger waste tank will need to be emptied less often. It’s worth noting that, in the case of portable machines, the amount of waste that’s held may start to dictate the mobility of the device, once the tank starts to fill up.

– Engine Power Ratings

Most carpet cleaning equipment on the market will allow for the cleaning of large surface areas. In order to do this, a significant amount of power is required. Power is usually identified in terms of horse-power, with the largest engine sizes typically producing the best results.

– Pre-Filter Boxes

Some carpet cleaning equipment come with a pre-filter box. This simple accessory makes the task of emptying the waste tank considerably easier. As such, it is recommended for cleaning professionals and other contractors.

– Rigid Frames

Truck mount carpet cleaning equipment is expected to last and to produce a high level of performance over a considerable period of time. A strong, rigid frame will help to protect the machine and to reduce vibrations during operation. Such frames will increase the longevity of the machines.

– Machine Sizes

Although the largest machines are good for tackling the toughest jobs, they are not ideal for all circumstances. If you wish to carry out jobs that involve working in tight spaces, then it makes more sense to look for a smaller machine.

Portable, compact devices are well suited to such tasks. They are often also easy to move, meaning that they offer greater ease of operation.

– Moisture Levels

Encapsulation carpet cleaning machines work somewhat differently to other models on the market. They are able to assist with tasks where there is a requirement to keep moisture levels low. They do not leave any sort of sticky or damp residue behind once the cleaning task has been completed.

As has been described above, there is a range of features to look out for when buying this type of equipment. The number of carpet cleaners on the market reflects the different uses that are required by cleaning specialists. It’s important to choose an appropriate device to meet the needs of the business.